Godot Woz Ere

by Yellowjack

WE'RE BACK WE'RE BACK! - reunited and reformed WE'RE BACK! - unrepentant, unconformed WE'RE BACK! - it's like we've never been away WE'RE BACK! - playing the sounds of yesterday today! WE'RE BACK! Cue World Exclusive features In every magazine Forums discuss our lyrics Trying to work out what they mean. You're more than fans to us, you're family And it's great seeing you all again Waiting for nine hours in Hyde Park In torrential wind and rain 'Cos WE'RE BACK! - reunited and reformed WE'RE BACK! - taking nostalgia by storm WE'RE BACK! - to shake our fists at The Man WE'RE BACK! - don't forget to visit our merch stand WE'RE BACK! Photos scrutinised, 'shopped and vetted Moody lighting, in long shot 'Cos worse than a baby born dead with AIDS Is a pop star with a bald spot. Our entourage this time round Includes the wives and kids No chance of a hotel roasting We're being watched like invalids Cos - WE'RE BACK! We're gonna play our biggest album In its entirety Even the bassist's crap solo track 'Cos he needs the royalties Film it to preserve the memory Re-record the bum notes for the DVD A world premiere on the BBC Introduced by Paul Gambaccini We're all right, Jack Yeah, we're back! Like you, the drummer's out of time And the singer's voice is shot But you've got to love us Because we're all you've got. Of COURSE this ain't a last chance rip-off We're doing it all for you So come and re-live the virginity you lost In a club in '92. Our back catalogue was an impassioned scream The wild yell of rebel youth Now it sounds like an old fart Who has trouble chewing soup. Old men spouting young men's words It's surreal, hard to understand I can't explain so fuck it EVERYBODY CLAP YOUR HANDS! 'Cos - WE'RE BACK! - the critics all agree WE'RE BACK! - five star reviews guaranteed WE'RE BACK! - we're in this together, you and me WE'RE BACK! - tied to rock mythology WE'RE BACK! Composed by Paul Hamilton & Dave Pope.
HALF-LIFE We make the effort to hook up Occasionally And we'd wander the cafes And galleries Make light of the shadows that we see Splash in the puddles And go Dutch on the teas And we'd stroll Through Soho Though we know There's nowhere to go For us - together For us - no, never For us - no, never again Of course, I'd never admit it But, yes, I suppose I still love you (There, you see, I just did it) But in a different way than I used to The crowds of couples kissing In the bazaars In theatres, restaurants, Bus stops and bars Perhaps they'll be lucky and float up to the stars I hope they're lucky and not end up where we are And we stare In shop panes clear You're right there I'm wrong here Look at us - together Look at us - no, never Look at us - no, never again I'm too shy to convey it But, yes, I suppose I love you (I'd have to be drunk to say it) But not as completely as I used to Composed by Paul Hamilton & Dave Pope
YOU CAN'T HAVE IT I've given you a sign A piece of my mind But if there's any left behind You can't have it You admire it: "It's fine" Its immaculate design But it's not yours, it's mine … You can't have it You can't have it It belongs to me It's as plain as your nose up my arse Can't you see? I've told you before A hundred times or more Although it's something you adore You can't have it So let's get this straight I won't negotiate Take away your plate You can't have it You can't have what Don't belong to you Close the book, roll the credits We're through Composed by Dave Pope & Paul Hamilton.
EVERYONE LIKES THIS Bitch of betrayal, your squandered vote Plagiarize the wise for your status quote Advertise a device promising instant bliss Everyone likes this Repeat the latest joke, guaranteed greatest laughs On your Blackberry in Macky D support veal calves Heart the bleeding obvious, a hit, you'll never miss Everyone likes this This is your stage, so sing and dance in Lalaland Be the early Beatles, not late Hancock or Garland What goes online stays online, and there's no escaping Your group hug feels like a gang-bang raping Don't come here looking for sympathy You'll only find it in a dictionary In between shit and syphilis Everyone's like this Composed by Paul Hamilton & Dave Pope
JOIN THE QUEUE Another bad attack of good memories Wouldn't life be cool if you could make time freeze? You were the One To Watch and great things'll happen But all those dreams turned to crap an' You're in a limbo where the plain fact is We forgot you were the tape-breasting Billy Whizz And here you are now, the non-runner Never Was Why didn't you reach your potential, kid? "Well, because - " Rigsby impressions no longer impress Your punchlines require an archaeologist's guess No-one here's heard of Will Hay, Hylda Baker or Rudolf Hess THERE'S NOTHING - NOTHING YOU CAN SAY THERE'S NOTHING - NOTHING YOU CAN DO JOIN THE QUEUE You were the nutter at school, the total crease Bullies would be breathless, begging you to cease Making love to a fresh-planted sapling Had the Drama beak squeak, 'It's worthy of Chaplin' Blank pages, bare stages, day dream ambitions Days became decades of wasted wishing Non-achievement, no bereavement, slate wiped clean You didn't have it in you to be a has-been Could've been a pop star 'cept you're fat and can't sing Bad breath, tone deaf, can't pluck a string And that one song you wrote was painfully self-pitying THERE'S NOTHING - NOTHING YOU CAN SAY THERE'S NOTHING - NOTHING YOU CAN DO JOIN THE QUEUE At the school reunion do for The Class Of Whenever All the creeps you mocked turned out awfully clever Kaye's Senior Editor of Channel 4 News Sue's a style guru; Tim's big in orthopaedic shoes Murray made a mint; that fat cat knew when to pounce Jez takes a call concerning offshore accounts One by one they turn on you with smiles sadistic: 'How droll! You're on the dole? Is one a statistic?' It's not that everyone was better than you It's just they were hungrier and they knew what to chew Whilst you were climbing walls they were climbing ladders, paying dues THERE'S NOTHING - NOTHING YOU CAN SAY THERE'S NOTHING - NOTHING YOU CAN DO JOIN THE QUEUE Composed by Paul Hamilton & Dave Pope.
IT'S TIME I WENT MAD AGAIN Wheels go round except when they don't A wicket keeper keeps a wicket The meaning of life can never be found Just like your winning lottery ticket Leaves fall in autumn and grow again in spring A kingdom generally has at least one king But without love, life's a yawn It's as uniform as a manicured lawn I'm fed up chewing olden flakes of scorn It's time I went mad again Rain is wet and falls out of a thing In the sky called a cloud Noise can be heard by creatures who have working ears And you'll always spot people in a crowd Siamese twin eunuchs couldn't give two fucks And stuff that sucks sucks But without love, life's so orderly I'm as bored with it as it's bored of me Tranquillised by tranquility It's time I went mad again I want to count the letters Let the bad times forget us I want the straight lines broken and curving I want to think with my heart Put a full stop at the start Of the life sentence I wish to be serving Drunk drivers drive when they're drunk Painters paint paintings with paint Sunny days are hot and cold ones are not What is is and what ain't ain't Statues are made of heroes and dictators Chips and crisps are made of potatoes But without love, life's predictable Like a goal scorer who has kicked a ball Where is the wonderful? It's time I went mad again Composed by Dave Pope & Paul Hamilton.
WHATEVER HAPPENED TO PHILIP FORD? Was he sighted in a Hong Kong bar Arm-wrestling a one-eyed cripple? Was that him in Piccadilly Circus in '91 Sucking Eros' nipple? It's said he's over 30 stone Addicted to Jelly Tots Others maintain he's off the coast of Spain Hiring out a fleet of yachts LET'S HAVE A LOOK AT THE OLD SCOREBOARD IN THE OUT HOUSE BY DERYCK GUYLER'S WASHBOARD ANYONE HERE SEEN KING ARTHUR'S SWORD? AND WHATEVER HAPPENED TO PHILIP FORD? Could he be an eco-warrior In the Amazon saving trees Or a Berkeley Square car dealer Handing over log book and keys? Maybe he's a waiter at The Dorchester Handy with menus and cruets Or the owner of a village sweet shop Dentures stained by cigs and Chew-Its HAVE ALL THE DOUBLE DIAMONDS BEEN POURED? WHEN DID ALL THE JEWELS IN THE CROWN BECOME FLAWED? HOW MANY GOALS HAS BOBBY MOORE SCORED? AND WHATEVER HAPPENED TO PHILIP FORD? Is he a silk rober, calm and sober Or completely out of his tree? In a free state, does he contemplate Whatever happened to me? Maybe he couldn't handle it Lost his job, wife, home and mind Maybe he got ground down By the daily grind Maybe he's living rough on the streets The once laughing eyes now hidden I often think of Philip Ford And I sometimes wish I didn't WHEN DID THE LAST TRAIN GUARD SHOUT "ALL ABOARD"? WHAT WAS THE LAST TARANTINO FILM YOU ENDURED? WHO WAS THE LAST SEX SYMBOL YOU ADORED? AND WHATEVER HAPPENED TO PHILIP FORD? Composed by Dave Pope & Paul Hamilton.
NEXT Hello, Eve, you can't see me But I've focussed you in my mind I was your first and you were my first And so we left the solo strumming days behind Us on a duvet, in the nude, on hot summer afternoons Was time and energy well spent Then you picked up your knickers when the seat of learning called And down the hall of empties you went You said, you said, 'This isn't the end, we'll stay good friends A weekend visit, an occasional text…' NEXT! Along came Jones, I jumped on your bones I was there to fill the interim When your fat husband worked away, we love rats would play And you would never talk of him Dropping social graces, we got off our clothes and faces A frottage a deux on the QT But when you suggested something out of the blue You suddenly lost all of your beauty You said, you said, 'He's bald and chubby, but my hubby Fancies a threesome and he's highly sexed…' NEXT! Then there was Linds in the horn-rimmed bins We were pub rubbish, always trashed A few bottles of vino, getting obsceno The Fort Cortino's dash was well splashed Like Stan & Ollie or Kev & Lolly We made an oddly perfect couple Till you faced the saggy facts and cleaned up your act Joined the gym to get fit and supple You said, you said, 'I've taken up weights, kicked carbohydrates Want to see my pecs when they're flexed?' NEXT! There was Beryl, and Meryl, and Sally, and Sam There was Sharon, and Karen, and Pixie, and Pam There was Doris (wife of Horace), there was Suki, and Reiko There was Stacey, and Tracy, and Eric (big mistake) And now there's just me and these memories Of who I've had and what I've lost There's not to live for or on now the money's gone Up the wall, down the drain, casually tossed In the old folks home where the old groaners moan Until their kids take them off in a hearse I daily wash and shave on the off-chance of a rave With a comely buxom nurse I say, I say, 'Wouldn't you rather have a spot of how's your father?' And she looks at me perplexed… NEXT! Composed by Paul Hamilton & Dave Pope.
THE GNOMES OF BROMLEY Come in if you're coming, welcome to Duncarin There's a committee meeting that I'm chairing Concerning the council overspending The residents are up in arms and feel penned in By pillars of bureaucracy wrapped in red tape We say it's high time to give decent folk a break The bleeding hearts have bled us dry Pack them off to Cuba and give someone else a try. And it's with the greatest humility I can't see for the life of me why it can't be me I was on many a board of directors Till Labour got in and thoroughly wrecked us It's time to elbow the spongers and boot out the failures Hang on, has someone been at my azaleas? If you want peace then you've got to fight And the ladder to success always leans to the right. If all the bloody Reds Come out from under the beds They won't stop me No, they can't stop me; They won't take my privet hedge Cos the first line of defence Is The Gnomes Of Bromley The Gnomes Of Bromley! The Gnomes Of Bromley are in the gardens of England Guarding the greenhouse and pond They got where they are by sheer hard work Not from some fairy waving a wand. Come in, wipe your feet, that's what the mat's for Honestly, what do we pay our tax for? I've seen how easily these Europeans swarm in But in this neck of the woods there'll be no housewarming Civility and good manners will take an early bath If any blighter dares to venture up my gravel path Eating our swans, selling bootleg porn? Sorry, old fruit, it's hosepipes at dawn. If these freeloading Communists Have got me on their list They won't stop me No, they won't top me; They haven't reckoned On my secret weapon It's The Gnomes Of Bromley The Gnomes Of Bromley! Composed by Paul Hamilton & Dave Pope.
GOING SLOWHERE Sofa over an airplane Jaguar in the hall Chicken in the oven Ducks on the wall A feather duster, tickle under there Round and round the garden, going slowhere Whistles in the wardrobe Trainers on the mat Football on the radio In your mitt, a cup of gnat's If you want some, the pot's over there Going cold, going slowhere Brontosaurus in the bathroom Zombie on the bed Jesus on the fridge door With a monkey on his head Who came first? God, who really cares? Unbelievable, going slowhere The Tilburys are hung up St. Michael's on the line A bottle of clarity's disappeared And everything looks fine Retired and emotional, here come the stairs Head for Bedfordshire, going slowhere Composed by Dave Pope & Paul Hamilton.
GODOT WOZ 'ERE This is where your dad grew up And here's where he met your mum And this is where grandad's car blew up After street fighting fascist scum And here's the hall where your dad would sing And here's the stand where he'd shout This is where he was taken in And this is where he sold out The backbone of Britain? Don't give me that We're machine cogs oiled by beer This land wasn't marked by Christ's sandal prints But Godot was here This is where your dad would meet His mates on Saturday afternoons And here's where they would talk and eat And here's where they'd play their tunes The jukebox was their soundtrack To their babbling stream of schemes Any of those songs would take your dad back To when the future was a dream England's glory? Do me a favour, son There's nothing here to salute or cheer The lie this land was built on has long gone But Godot was here This is where your mum and dad were wed And where your nan was laid to rest And this is where they earned their stale bread And learnt the milk of kindness curdled in the breast This is where your dad was betrayed And red went to white then to blue This is the place your dad tried to escape And you must leave it too The commonwealth? Don't make me laugh They deal in ignorance, contempt and fear Even Satan drove straight on through But Godot was here Composed by Dave Pope & Paul Hamilton.


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Video of 'Everyone Likes This' 'ere: vimeo.com/129144009
Video of 'Going Slowhere' 'ere: vimeo.com/120526155
Video of Dave Pope playing 'We're Back' 'ere: www.youtube.com/watch
Video of 'Godot Woz Ere' 'ere: vimeo.com/99787758
Video of 'Half-Life' 'ere: vimeo.com/92344846
Video of 'You Can't Have It' 'ere: vimeo.com/95786649
Video of 'Whatever Happened To Philip Ford?' 'ere: vimeo.com/90170690
Video of Hamilton a-gibberin' and a-jabberin' and a-hootin' and a-hollerin' about the album 'ere (vimeo.com/90738691) and 'ere (vimeo.com/91612431)
Video of Pope playing 'Next' 'ere: www.youtube.com/watch


released April 28, 2014

Dave Pope - Lead Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Mandolin (10)
Andy Thomson - Bass
Paul Hamilton - Percussion, Vocals (1, 3, 6, 7, 9)

Gemma Gayner - Strings (6, 10), Sings (3, 8)
Malcolm Gayner - Vocals (1, 3)

Recorded and mixed in Rochester (July 2013) and Faversham (December 2013) by Malcolm Gayner.
Mastered by Jason Emberton at Lone Pine Studio, White City, London W12.

Doffings of collective cap to: Pip & Jo Ives, the Pope family, Sean Hyde, Albie Gibbs, Bhavesh & Tariq at Disc Wizards, Dee Doherty, Becky Chamberlin, Kenneth Wolstenholme, BRUSH!!!!, GLK London, Rob Sedgebeer, Mark Perry, Si.

All songs composed by Paul Hamilton & Dave Pope.
Produced by Malcolm Gayner & Yellowjack.
© & ℗ Smoking Ant Records, 2014.


all rights reserved


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