Sunny Ray threw a ball and lost it
Locked Gandhi’s curlers in a safe
Out the manger lurks the danger
Gilt can buy a lot of faith.
Sunny boy, you’re blackclouding over
Not hot, not feeling too bright
Eyes rain mainly intense pain
Limbo below your kite-kicking height

When you come through
Will you be true?

Admiral Teabag’s stainless memoirs
Volumes of shoutspoken guff
Bellyaching, navel contemplating
There’s gold in that thar fluff.
Sunny Ray, you’re glowly sinking
Dead hands waving back and forth
When Milly Munter peaks way out West
Your South Pole heads magnetic North

When you come through
Will you be true?

Sunny Ray, you’re jumping at shadows
Tormentertainment - yeah yeah
And Mystic Mick accurately predicts
Something will happen to someone somewhere.
Time will trip us in stolen slippers
Friends or photos are halved
Sunny Ray can see a soli-tree
Where one heart and four letters are carved

When you come through
Will you be true?

I can see you
I can see you

Lyric © Paul Hamilton/Smoking Ant Records, 2017


from Nine Minute Holiday, released July 11, 2017
Andy Thomson: lead and rhythm guitars, bass guitar
Paul Hamilton: snare drum, percussion, voices

Composed, performed & produced by BABYLON SQUEAK



all rights reserved


smokingantrecords London, UK

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